Pratilipi Aich

Developer and UX Enthusiast

A Little Bit About Me

Hello! I'm Pratilipi, a developer based in Bangalore, India.

I'm currently a final year student at Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I enjoy being the bridge between developing and designing, and feel right at home as a design minded and detail-oriented full-stack developer. I'm self-learning to gain experience in developing and designing products that live on the internet, from simple landing pages to full-fledged web applications.

I love learning new and better ways to create seamless user experiences with clean and efficient code. I consider work as an ongoing learning process, and I'm seeking opportunities to work with people who are willing to share their knowledge as much as I want to learn. Ultimately, my primary goal is to develop something beautiful with people who bring out the best in me.

When I'm not in front of a computer screen, I'm probably sketching, reading, petting dogs, or crossing off another item on my bucket list.

Some Technologies I've Worked With

JavaScript (ES6) HTML5 CSS3 Java C++ C Python

Libraries & Frameworks
React Material UI Bootstrap Node Spring Boot Swagger MySQL Cassandra

Tools & Platforms
Git Github Command Line Firebase Postman Docker JiraNetlify Android Studio

Figma Canva Whimsical Prototyping Wireframing

Where I've Worked

Software Engineer Intern @ WallMag

March 2021— Present

  • Engineer and maintain major features of WallMag's customer-facing web app using React, HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Firebase Console, and Anima

  • Work closely with designers and management team to develop, document, and manage the website

  • Manually test sites in various browsers and mobile devices to ensure cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness

Training in Full Stack Development @ Target Corporation India

February 2020 — Present

  • Wrote modern, performant and robust code to develop a role-based Cricket Tournament Management web application using React, Spring Boot and other cutting-edge technology

  • Communicated and collaborated with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers and designers daily

  • Worked with a variety of different languages, platforms and frameworks like React, Spring Boot, Docker, UX/UI, Microservices and Software Engineering lifecycle

  • Built sample projects like basic online store app using React, RESTful API using Spring Boot and Cassandra and worked on the UX design phase

Trainee @ LRDE, DRDO India

January — February 2020

  • Designed a circularly polarized slotted microstrip patch antenna in X-band for remote vehicle wireless data transfer using HFSS software

  • Attained good results of return loss, axial ratio, VSWR, gain and realized gain

  • Observed the various antennas in use for applications in defense, radars, etc.

  • Proposed our idea of using X-band as a further improvement of a reference paper

Some Things I've Built



A fandom site for BLΛƆKPIИK, a successful Korean girl group with growing worldwide influence. The website displays particulars about the albums, photography and filmography related to BLΛƆKPIИK. The main objective was to create an attractive and responsive fan site with user friendly access to details about the group. A must see for all the BLINKS out there!

HTML CSS JavaScript React Material UI react-responsive react-routing react-image-show


Cricket Tournament Management Application

A real time cricket tournament management application built for the Cricket Association for the Blind in India under the Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled. A viable product for Site Admin, Admin, Scorer and Viewer use cases. The web application features role based access, Google Sign In, RESTful services, responsive UI, web storage and cookies, etc. Built as a part of Target IgnitePlus bootcamp.

React Material UI Google Sign In Spring Boot Cassandra Docker JUnit Swagger

Flinstones Music App

Flinstones Music Application

A dark themed music streaming application that features various genres, languages, artists and albums. User can Sign In to enjoy the extended features of playlists, favorites, recently played, along with "premium" plan options.

React Material UI Google Sign In Cassandra Docker Swagger Spring Boot

Covid Tracker

Covid Tracker

COVID-19 Tracker to track the number of confirmed, recovered and deceased cases around the globe along with latest updated India specific data. WHO guidelines and covid specific news is provided as well.

HTML CSS JavaScript React Material UI Bootstrap Axios react-chartjs-2

Other Noteworthy Projects

Starry Weather App

Starry Weather App

A weather app to display current weather conditions.

React JavaScript CSS React Hooks

To-Do App

To-Do App

A web-based Task Manager/To-Do application to keep track of user's To-Dos. The application allows users to add new tasks, edit added tasks, delete particular task or clear all tasks. Browser local storage is used to persist the tasks on refresh.

React JavaScript CSS React Hooks Context API LocalStorage

Get Advice!

Get Advice!

A simple application to fetch a random advice from an API on the click of a button.

React JavaScript CSS

Get Advice!


Just an online version of my resume. My first attempt at building a portfolio.


Jump Jump Jumpy

A simple jumping game (similar to T-rex game on Chrome). Uses browser local storage to keep track of the best score. (Tip: Click to jump)

JavaScript HTML CSS

Store Eva

My first ever React app. UI for an online store. Order form, search, navigation are some of the features.

React JavaScript HTML CSS JSON



A website for ShutterBugs, the photography club of my institute. Created as a part of an intra-college hackathon.

HTML CSS JavaScript

Plant Nursery Management System

A Plant Nursery Management System built using python TKinter and SQLite database to perform all CRUD operations.

Python TKinter SQLite

What's Next?

Get In Touch

I love meeting and working with new people. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, my inbox is always open. I'll try my best to get back to you!

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